Disappointment, the Liar

If you're like me, sometimes an issue will begin to gain size in your range of consciousness at the moment it's about to bowl you over. Kind of like a snowball that began rolling down a mountain, and I'm Sasquatch at the bottom, realizing that thing's grown 100 feet thick and is now 10 feet... Continue Reading →


How to Not Hate Your Life

It was a Saturday evening, and I was in a PLACE. I hadn't seen my friends in a few days because I hadn't been feeling well, and I paced around my room as I figured out how I could practically have fun that night. This was not a normal happy strategy sesh, friends. This was... Continue Reading →

Trouble, Goodness’s wingman

It was dinnertime, and I heard her gasp as she opened the mail behind me. I spun around and immediately saw her face drenched in tears. I jumped up to hug her, not sure whether someone had just died or had just been born. Stunned, she mechanically opened up a card to reveal a large... Continue Reading →

Poking the Bear: the Boys Club

It's international women's day! I love that! I think it's bizarre that we get a day, but I won't complain about the opportunity for women to celebrate being a woman! This day inspires me to poke one of my favorite bears, and see what happens. Let's talk about... The Boys Club. Oh no! Oh YES!... Continue Reading →

True Love Truth Bomb

"Shot to the heart, and you're to blame. Honey YOU GIVE LOVE A BAD NAME." I spent this Valentine's Day week filtering through tons of depressing songs that wailed about broken love, many grabby songs that raged against it, and Cee-lo Green's eternally appropriate "Forget You" that makes you realize you need to forgive some... Continue Reading →

You’re Gonna Miss This

"You're gonna miss this." This sweet little mess of a country song has me idling in the garage with the radio on, straining to hear the last few words, mascara track streaming down my face. Every. Time. Without fail it finds me at a time when things are so precious I never want them to... Continue Reading →

What a Girl Wants

I have amazing friends, some of them are very single, and I constantly hear comments about dating like, "Where dey at doe?" This makes me laugh, because as a woman I feel like we're fairly simple and there's a lot of us. I already disagree with that sentence after writing it. 🙂 Like I said,... Continue Reading →

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