It’s Okay: that time I met Self-Compassion

  In my quest to figure out how to not hate life with limitations, I've gotten to learn how to develop self-compassion. For me, this looks like figuring out how I'd talk to a friend in my circumstance, and then directing that kindness at myself. I didn't realize how powerful this was until I started... Continue Reading →


You’re Gonna Miss This

"You're gonna miss this." This sweet little mess of a country song has me idling in the garage with the radio on, straining to hear the last few words, mascara track streaming down my face. Every. Time. Without fail it finds me at a time when things are so precious I never want them to... Continue Reading →

What a Girl Wants

I have amazing friends, some of them are very single, and I constantly hear comments about dating like, "Where dey at doe?" This makes me laugh, because as a woman I feel like we're fairly simple and there's a lot of us. I already disagree with that sentence after writing it. 🙂 Like I said,... Continue Reading →

I Can’t Have this Baby!

You know that moment that you hear about in textbooks, when a mother's right about to finish giving birth and decides that she's had enough? "It's too hard, I'm done pushing!" she screams, and outside the delivery room, in our classrooms, we laugh. 'That's stupid,' we're all thinking, because that thing's coming out. It's got to... Continue Reading →

Red Wine, White Carpet

When we're learning to do new things, it can feel pretty terrible if we're self-judging. Recently I've laughed a lot at the reality that my stress tolerance and BS meter has dropped to a new record low. I have a need to live life clearly communicated to the point where there's as little stress as... Continue Reading →

THE problem

Life's beautiful but not always a picnic, and in adversity there's a lot of emotions wrapped around events and relationships that cascade over into a messy, murky pool at the foot of 'THE problem.' You know, the big ugly. I'm not minimizing the problem. 'THE problem' probably sucks, and is definitely the worst. It's really... Continue Reading →

Gettin’ Honest

  I left a beautiful, heart-shaking wedding last night. I felt an internal storm brewing all night, so on my way home I tried my usual processing tactics of yell-singing Beyonce and powerful car dancing. 😀 Last night that wouldn't work. Something was different, and I felt the big, beautiful thumb of the Lord on... Continue Reading →

Men vs. Women

I'm writing frustrated. Crazy frustrated. The truth is frustration is a call to something way higher. It's a red flag saying 'THERES A BETTER WAY'. In this case, it's a white flag. Because I watch this really bizarre thing play out every day of my life. Men and woman grab boxing gloves and are pitted against... Continue Reading →

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