Why Creativity Feels like Slow Death

If you've ever felt a creative unction, there's something at the core of who you are that's asking the million dollar question: Is this any good? Is this a million dollar idea or a dollar menu idea? Is this worth hearing, will anyone connect to this? Will anyone care? I have felt creative leanings my... Continue Reading →


Building Hope

Today I'm home, laid out in the dark with a dairy induced migraine. I am exhausted, fighting the grouchies, and trying to avoid tunnel-vision induced misery. 'It's a bad day, not a bad life' echoes in my mind. Having hope in the middle of what feels like an endless situation is a really interesting battle,... Continue Reading →

Your Body wants you happy!

  Tonight I got an email from a health professional with a lot of information in it. Some parts of it explained lab results I had gotten, some parts offered advice and recommendation on how to pursue healing in my body. This doctor told me I had 2 broken chromosomes, both affecting immunity, and he... Continue Reading →

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