The Freedom Celebrator

I was 17, driving around my town's midnight streets with three friends. We had wild plans and no good intentions. As I screamed and took a turn with my head out the window euphoria ran through  me and I got a taste of something wild and hallowed-freedom. A thing that God called valuable years later... Continue Reading →



I sit staring at a picture I'd rather delete. The reality is, there are lines carved around the eyes I love. Crows feet are one thing. Big eyes and bright cheeks make for more feet than crows have. I am wracked with lines like constellations or crevasses. I could turn away. I want to. I'm... Continue Reading →

The Christian A Word

The worst phrase I've ever heard is truth in tension. Black and white is my jam, I like clear cut lines, no nonsense. Especially when it comes to who God is and who He's made me to be. I wish my sweet Lord was as easy to understand as a pop-up book, barely 3-dimensional, always... Continue Reading →

The Beyonce Shield

Since I was old enough to have a boyfriend that I felt was shady, Beyonce has been my leading lady, my credo. No, I could not tell you what was going on inside my torrid little teenage heart, but I could yell every word of 'Ring the Alarm' at you, verbatim. Beyonce was, before she... Continue Reading →

Family Feud: Election Edition

If you've been brave enough to have an opinion this past year, it's safe to assume you've experienced some assumption. The old phrase holds true, assuming has certainly been making an ass of you and me 🙂 . If you've experienced the internet, you've witnessed and participated in some conversations about the election charged with... Continue Reading →

You can’t go backwards

Backsliding. This lingo is something you've probably heard if you're a part of the Christian community. It's got tons of negative connotations, and normally ends in a knees bent altar call at the front of the church, sobbing with head in hands. It's very dramatic, very scary, and as Christians, we can lives our lives... Continue Reading →

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